About HaloGas

HaloGas is an online platform that connects the existing cooking gas delivery drivers and customers via mobile and GPS technology.
We thrive to empower the local gas truck drivers to better their service and to increase the convenience for customers to order cooking gas. With our technology, we hope to be the one stop platform for gas delivery for both domestic and commercial purposes by optimizing and automating the matching process between gas delivery drivers and customers. We believe this online platform will be the first step to achieving this.


How It Works :-

1. Place your order at our website or app.
2. Your order will then be broadcasted to our nearby carefully recruited drivers via GPS.
3. Available drivers will be able to view and accept your order via HaloGas’ driver’s app.
4. You will be instantly notified via email when a driver has accepted your request and drivers will contact you before making the delivery.


Why Use Us?
HaloGas improves the approach for ordering and delivering gas for both customers and drivers.
Our 3 unique selling points are:

HaloGas allows you to order your gas in just a few clicks. Ordering gas no longer has a need to make phone calls!
Intensive network of drivers
We are proudly in partnership with numerous reputable gas delivery vendors. Once you order through our platform, it will be broadcasted to our network of drivers nearby, simultaneously.

Instant alerts with information
Instant confirmation will be sent to you via email with driver’s information when a driver accepts your order. Information on your gas delivery order will be provided
i.e. – driver’s name, phone number, and the estimated fare.

Are you a gas delivery driver? Join us now at https://bit.ly/welcometograbgas