What is HaloGas?
HaloGas is a web and smartphone-based cooking gas delivery platform. Our vision is to revamp Malaysia’s gas delivery industry, making it a more convenient and efficient means of delivery we can all be proud of.
Which area does HaloGas serve?
You can check it here: are expanding very rapidly and will be posting our new area coverage every week.
Where do I order gas?
Just go to and click on the ‘Book Now’ button. You can also find our app on Google Play. We do not accept any orders from phone calls and emails.
What will happen after i order gas from HaloGas?
An automated email will be sent to you to inform that your order has been requested and broadcasted to the drivers. You will receive another automated email when a driver accepts your order along with the driver’s information and order details. You will also received an email if the driver cancelled your order. After 2 hour you place order,if still no one accepts your order, your order will be automatically cancelled.
Is our service on demand? What if i want gas now?
Currently our service is not on demand, we cannot ensure that a gas driver will come to you right after you ordered. The drivers would accept your order within 2 hour. We are working hard towards achieving on demand gas delivery service.
Why do I need to submit my phone number to register?
This is important for us and the drivers to get in touch with you when delivering your gas. Drivers might call you before they make their delivery.
Why customers are advised to order the same brand that is using currently?
We strongly recommend you to order the same brand of gas cylinder that you are using now. It is because most of the time gas drivers will not be willing to collect the current brand of gas cylinder you’re using if it is different brand from what he is delivering.Between if you willing to accept others brand cylinder you can tick it (in page 1) when you place order.

Thank you for cooperation!
What is new gas and refill gas?
When ordering, choose “new gas cylinder” if you do not have any cylinder currently and would like to have one.
Note: Rm80 deposit is needed to pay to the driver for a new cylinder.
“Refill gas cylinder” is about exchanging your current gas cylinders to a new one with full tank of gas with the gas driver.
How to know if my order is confirmed?
You will receive an automated email upon driver accepting your order.
Who are the drivers?
As a technology based company, we do not own any drivers nor gas cylinders. Once you placed your order through our platform. The order will be broadcasted to our carefully recruited gas delivery drivers nearby via GPS. From there, the drivers will be able to receive and view your order through the HaloGas driver app. They will then accept accept your order within 2 hour if they are available.
A driver accepted my order but he never arrived! What do I do?
Our automated email includes driver’s information such as contacts, so feel free to call your designated driver. If any problems occur, email us at and we will investigate this for you and take appropriate actions.